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        Because of the download size limitations on Tripod, the guides cannot be stored here in a .zip download fashion. However, to work around this, we have put the ExtremeHU Guides online here! Actually, all of the guides are online here! This and all other Homeworld Sites are currently in the Archive Mode. They will not be updated for the time being and when they are no longer an archive, you will be notified.

        You can still download these guides from here by doing the following:

1. Create a directory on you hard drive called Guides or ExtremeHU Guides.

2. Select the button to bring up the guide. These are long page loads and may take awhile if you are on a dialup.

3. Once the entire page is loaded, you can select File on your browser and use Save As to save the entire web page to your computer. Just save it in the new directory you created.

        All of the guides use pictures and distinct file names that will allow you to save multiple .html files and sub directories to the same directory. You will then have a copy of the guides on your computer for future reference!









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