hu card unlock!

OK guys..... here's what you have been waiting for. This page contains the Atmel code and program to unlock the 7F and dealer locked cards. Enjoy ......

This release was emailed to all major DSS Sites this morning by someone called unatester. It has been checked out and it is confirmed that it works and very well. It's readme is shown below:

This file is released to stop the dealers from making mounds of money from the masses. It is NOT stolenware, leakware, or otherwise obtained through nefarious means. It was INDEPENDENTLY DEVELOPED by those who still have respect for the hobby and are tired of watching it go down the tubes. 

Besides, the dealers have been releasing files to DAMAGE THE CARDS of the unsuspecting ON PURPOSE. One example is vader3m-nonclone which was posted by a dealer for the sole purpose of locking people's cards. Now those dealers are trying to MONOPOLIZE the ability to fix cards that are now unglitchable after a 7F was written to one of the RAM keys or Ins5E was disabled. 
Further pre-emptive releases will be made as necessary. Independent development has already been done and files are ready to go. 

Reflash atmel with HU7F code and run the included script. Any 7F RAM keys will be replaced with a value of 6F and the Ins5E vector will be restored to the proper value. Traditional glitching should then be possible once again. 


HUFIX7F5C.ZIP      This package contains the flash program and a script for Winexplorer 4.6 to be run in the unlooper mode.       This package contains the hex files for the FRBG and Pony Programmers if you cannot use the flash program.


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