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         As the devices got better, so did the software. The first release was Wildthing 3.0. It has become the standard by which all other software is judged. It will solve most card problems with a minumum of difficulty. It will, however, not work on any Black Sunday (bs) cards that had a trashed bootsector. As a matter of fact, no Wildthing software can read or write to such a card.

        The next release was 3.1 which promptly changed to a 4.0 beta that was very buggy and was upgraded to Version 4.1. This was more stable but had a few quirks that caused many odd problems with some cards. It has, however, fixed many cards that others would not. The problems in this release were fixed with a release of Version 5.0a. All versions to this point, require WT2 code on the Atmel chip.

        With the comming of Version 6.0 of the Wildthing software, the code on the Atmel was changed to the WTX code. The program and code were such that you could not use the software without the Atmel code. It was later released as freeware in a version called WT6b2v2.exe.  This version ran with a standard WTII coded Atmel chip.

        The last release, but not the end, was the WT6.5 software. This also ran on an X coded Atmel chip. It was very similar to 6.0 but had a better designed interface. This was ultimately released as freeware as well.

        Dexter, of Winexplorer fame, also got into a little Windows unlooping and utility software. His first release, BasicU04.exe was designed around the look and feel of BasicH that worked with a programmer. BasicU, however, worked with an unlooper instead. It incoporated a simple setup 1 glitching sequence that could repair some reset failed cards. His later release of BasicH06, settled down to be a BasicH type utility for an unlooper.

        The latest software for unlooping was written by AOL6945. This was a series of scripts that ran in a Windows interface, and using Winexplorer 4.6. They are involved scripts that are covered in the guide and included here for study.

        All of the above Software is described in the Dssunderground Unlooper Guide. I did not write the original but I now maintain this guide and have updated it with many descriptive pictures and text to help you understand how these programs work. It is the best guide of it's type currently available for study and is available here for download so that you can learn.

Dssunderground Unlooper Guide  This is the latest version of the guide. It covers all versions of WT software, BasicU, and even TurboUnloop.

Dexter's BasicU04  This included for use with the study guide.

Dexter's BasicU06  This included for use with the study guide.  It is a very useful tool to learn how to use. It can get into problem cards that BasicH cannot.

Wildthing 3.0 Software  While I don't normally host Wildthing software, this is included for your study as it is the most stable of all the versions that were written. It is also extensively covered in the above guide.  This tool for image creation, while included in the Wildthing 3.0 package is included here seperately. It is extremely useful for the study of making images.  This tool will just add a CamID and ZKT table to a .bin file.

Unloopertoolbox  This toolbox contains the two files above, plus Dexter's image creation tool and a set of WT6 glitch settings for you to study.

Winexplorer 4.6  While this program is covered in the Winexplorer section of this site, it is included here because it will be needed if you are going to study the TurboUnloop scripts that were written by AOL6945.

Turbounloop 1.0  This is the Winexplorer script written by AOL6945. It is an unlooping script that uses the features of Winexplorer to talk to an unlooper through the use of scripting.

Turbounloop 1.1  This is the Winexplorer script written by AOL6945. It is an unlooping script that uses the features of Winexplorer to talk to an unlooper through the use of scripting. This is the latest version of this popular script. I included it here for study.

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