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        This page will cover the Dos Unlooping aspects of the Hobby. The DOS based unlooper was the first on the scene. The program was Prog.exe and it was used with the original design Wildthing and the WT1 Atmel code. It also works with the WTII Atmel code as well. Unlike the present day devices, the basic unloopers did just one thing well.....the unlooped cards.

        The DOS based Su2 software came along later. It incoporated the fix for the Magic ECM and was able to also read and write cards that has BS (bad bootsectors).

        Another device that came along was the EQ][ and the EQ][2 unloopers from Northsat. These worked very well but no longer have any support. The program they used was DOS based.

        Most of the above mentioned programs, which are freeware, were designed to run in pure dos and a version at or under DOS 6.22. Having said that, the Su2.exe and Su2v2.exe unlooping programs will run from a DOS Window on many computers.

        To use the original Prog.exe program, you will need either the WT1 or WT2 code on the unlooper Atmel. Su2 software requires that you have the Atmel flashed with SU2 code. All this information on flashing and Atmel codes is in the Atmel section of this site.

        To study these programs in more detail, I wrote the Dos Unlooper Guide. It explains the workings of the original Prog.exe software and the Su2 software. As a matter of fact, it is the nearest thing to an Su2 Guide that currently exists. No guides are kept online here but are available for download.

The DOS Unlooper Guide  This is the full guide that I wrote.  It is pictorial and describes all aspects of DOS Unlooping. It is a good study tool to augment forum information that is available. It is the nearest thing to an Su2 guide that exists. This guide is in HTML format. Just unzip it to drive C: and it will create it's own directory.   All the Su2 programs and code in one place! Added Fixbin & cleaner images for those difficult cards.  This .zip file contains all of the original Prog.exe programs, images, etc. all in one place. Readme files included. This package requires DOS 6.22 or below. It will run from a DOS window on some computers, however.

Complete DOS Unlooper Package This contains Prog.exe, fixbin, and all standard programs for use with the study guide. This package contains everything including M, M2, T-5atr, and the other support programs. For study, these require DOS 6.22 or below to function as they must be used in pure DOS.

Cleaner images pack This package contains a series of extremely clean images to work with. Very useful with Windows Software study, also.

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