this is the location of the Vorlon homeworld beyond the rim of the known universe!

        The Vorlon Homeworld is a group of informational Web Sites scattered throughout the known Universe. They are setup in such a way that they can all be interlinked, if necessary, to provide information to all of our followers. This planet is the third of a series. It was recently used as a backup to the Homeworld when we had linking problems from outside forums. The actual size of the Stellar Alliance, while secret, is very large, indeed. We have over 20 web hosts, scattered throughout the World. The sites are not meta tagged so if you have come here, you had a reason!

         The one thing you cannot do is directly link anything out of the Homeworld sites. This is not allowed by Tripod. You have to come here for the information!! Please respect this. This site was constructed in such a way that it violates no Tripod or Lycos Network  rules in their Terms of Use Agreement. Our Legal staff has looked at these and agreed that upon inspection of the way the site is presented, no rules are violated...period!

        As always, the Vorlon Homeworld is a totally free site. We advertise nothing, sell nothing, and ask for no donations. It will be maintained as long as possible under current constraints of using a freedrive. We provide only information. Information is FREE. We maintain a news page for current events on our subject matter.

        My part in the Stellar Alliance is writing of guides on how to run and work with Software. This is what I do. All of the guides on this site are written or compiled by me. These guides are copyrighted to me. They are for educational use only!  Any other use is frowned upon.

        The software needed for study with these guides is provided on an as is basis. I assume no responsibility for it's ultimate use! It was provided freely, by the authors for all to learn. I have their permission to produce the supplied guides. Extreme and others, supply me with Beta's so that the guides may be kept up to date. Enjoy the learning experience!   

        All equipment pictured is laid out by me, as well. Much of it uses new adaptations that I personally devised. They have been thoroughly tested and are known to work. There is nothing commercial is this. I am a retired technician and like to play around with circuits. My modifications are supplied to Alliance Members, freely.

        All images on this site were created by me and belong to me. The same is true with the images in the guides. This is my hobby. Enjoy your hobby! This and all other Homeworld Sites are currently in the Archive Mode. They will not be updated for the time being and when they are no longer an archive, you will be notified.


This site is Copyrighted by Vorlon Web Design

All Rights Reserved.



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