atmel codes and flashes

        The generic unlooping devices we will be dealing with, generally use an Atmel chip of the 2313 variety. These devices can be programmed several ways.

1. You can use the Unlooper that is in circuit programmable, ICP, to do this. Most surface mount versions are ICP.

2. You can use the freeware DOS program and programmer design.

3. You can use the Pony Programmer software and it's programmer interface.

        This will be necessary to continue our software operation study.

FLASH PROGRAMS: These are for ICP use.    This is a program that runs in a DOS window, uses Com 2, and flashes  all of the current Atmel codes from one program. It is for ICP use only.    This is the flash program for the SU2 software. It can be used by Su2.exe, Su2v2.exe, TurboUnloop, and BasicU. Also has .hex and .eep files.

All   This is a file that contains all of the normal, plus and bs loaders, all in one convenient package.  This is another all inclusive flash program. This one from Hippie Fred. This file will be necessary to load for working on HU's and with the ExtremeHU programs and the others in the series. This is a file that contains all of the hex and eep files for the popular atmel loads used for bs cards. This is a file that contains a flash program to program an atmel in an unlooper for a bootloader board.

The Freeware Programmer:  This file contains the program and diagram for the Atmel freeware programmer.


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